Trader Personality Types

The Trader Personality Types

Dr. Tharp’s trader personality profiles include the following fifteen general types:

  1. The Accurate Trader
  2. The Administrative Trader
  3. The Artistic Trader
  4. The Adventurous Trader
  5. The Detailed Trader
  6. The Facilitative Trader
  7. The Fun Loving Trader
  8. The Independent Trader
  9. The Innovative trader
  10. The Planning Trader
  11. The Socially Responsible Trader
  12. The Spontaneous Trader
  13. The Strategic Trader
  14. The Supportive Trader
  15. The Values Driven Trader


Characteristics of a Successful Trader

Dr. Tharp has identified three primary psychological elements which all of the great traders he observed tend to share. These desirable traits for traders consist of the following characteristics:

1. Being able to grasp the big picture, to connect events and to identify trading opportunities.

2. Being able to use logic and analysis to base trading decisions on.

3. Being orderly, decisive and able to operate sequentially.




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