What is a Good ROI – Return on Investment ?

What is a good return on investment ?

This question comes very often in a busine environment and we need to have a clear idea of what is a good number and what is fantasy. Depending on the industry a good return on his investment can vary from 5% to 20% at the maximum best.



How to increase Google PR Ranking – Top 15

1. High Quality Content:

2. Site Submitting:

  • DMOZ
  • Yahoo Directory
  • Best Of The Web
  • Ezine Articles
  • Article Base
  • Go Articles

3. Guest Posting:

4. Link Exchange:

5. Keep Updating:

6. Commenting On Other Blogs:

7. Social Bookmarking:

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Squidoo
  • Digg
  • Hub Pages
  • Stumble Upon

8. Website Accessibility:

9. Using Commonly Searched Keywords:

10. Website Advertising:

11. Create Multiple Pages:

12. Participate In Forums:

13. Using Signatures:

14. When Does Google Re-Evaluate Page Rank?

15. Never Use Illegal Tactics:

Read more: http://allbloggingtips.com/2012/06/14/tips-to-increase-page-rank/#ixzz2jJopTA42

Top Reasons to send out a PR

  1. Announce a new service.
  2. Announce a new product.
  3. Tie in with a national holiday, a birthday or anniversary.
  4. Report a new study of your own and your analysis or forecast.
  5. Tie in with a controversy by commenting on it.
  6. Co-op an event with the media.
  7. Utilize a national survey or study to your benefit.
  8. Announce your exhibit at a trade show or convention.
  9. Commission a survey and report the results.
  10. Write a white paper and announce its availability at your web site.
  11. Create and promote a special event.
  12. Use a current news event to frame your release.
  13. Host a seminar and announce the information discussed.
  14. Announce an upcoming speaking engagement.
  15. Schedule a speaking engagement at the local library… for free.
  16. Make reprints of speeches available at your website.
  17. Create a contest and offer a prize that’s newsworthy.
  18. Pricing and policy changes.
  19. Patents and trademarks.
  20. Litigation won.
  21. Announce the results of a new study.
  22. The number of hours your employees donate volunteering in your community.
  23. Involvement in various community events and activities.
  24. Innovative use for your products.
  25. First person stories about people using your product or services.
  26. New clients you’ve obtained.
  27. New testimonials.
  28. Celebrities that use your product or service.
  29. Financial projections and forecasts.
  30. Announce a public appearance.
  31. Appointments by government officials to offices.
  32. Retirement of well respected and revered employees.
  33. Recognition of long-time employees with 25 years of service or more.
  34. Internal promotion of key staff members.
  35. Send a letter to the editor and CC the media and your audience, “in case they miss it.”
  36. New members of important committees.
  37. Results of an election.
  38. The passage of an important resolution.
  39. Anniversary of the founding date of the organization or company.
  40. Charitable donations by your organization.
  41. ISO 9001certification of your company.
  42. New awards won.
  43. Association membership.
  44. Publicly release a letter from a soldier or someone with poignant thoughts.
  45. Report on a public project and offer insight to the problem.
  46. Protest an activity or issue.
  47. The sponsorship of a community event.
  48. How to apply for internships in your company.
  49. How to apply for scholarships offered by your company.
  50. Open house where people can tour your plant, office etc.
  51. Create an award to honor individuals in the community.
  52. The appearance in front of a public entity, i.e. testimony before the US Senate.
  53. Host a public debate.
  54. Announce a fact finding trip and then report your findings.
  55. Host a celebrity event and tie in your company.


Source: http://www.westwindcos.com/releases/55_reasons_to_send_out_a_press_release.htm

How to Use Social Media the Smart Way

5 Ps of Social Media:

  • P of Facebook: People
  • P of Twitter: Perceptions
  • P for Google +: Passion
  • P for Pinterest: Pinning Picture
  • P for Linkedin: Pimp’in


Make a Great Profile

Check what is Trending

  • What is Trending on twitter
  • What is Hot on Google+

Talk about you or your company on 1/20 post

Every post add a Image or Video

Either you are Positive or you shut up!

You should repeat your post