Best practices about successful Cold Calling

Couple of things to remember to have a Successful Cold call:

  • The number One mistake is: Talking about “Me” or “My company”. Never beginning by talking about you or your company, especially if you are interrupting some prospect at work.
  • Is not just a numbers game, Quality Matters
  • Never call somebody you don’t know. Always research your prospect before making this call. You can also check for Press release and get informed about new products or fresh news about the company
  • Make a Script. Adjust your Script. Use your Script. Having a strong script ready to be used, will improve your closing ratio and you will be ready for an objection.

Elements of a good script: 

    • Who are you ? (keep it short and sweet)
    • Why are you calling  (Don’t discuss features right away)
    • What’s in it for me (for them)
    • Strong benefits focus
    • Asks permission to probe more deeply
    • Not just interested in making a sale, but you are actually here to help
    • Focus on High quality + High conversion calls.
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